Continuously Transposed Cable/Conductor

Essex Furukawa 生产各种扁平电线技术,通过创新将当前技术和未来连接起来。客户可选择漆包线、包线或绝缘扁线,也可选择量规或公制,以满足国际标准。我们在全球各地设有多家工厂,可在全球范围内生产和销售换位导线 
(CTC),使 Essex Furukawa 成为该行业的领导者。在能源领域,CTC 产品是

Available in Many Sizes & Assemblies
Available as Copper Rectangular Shaped Wire

Why Use CTC to Meet Your Needs?

CTC offers reduced electrical losses, improved mechanical strength, and shortening winding time compared to conventional rectangular wire. It also has improved efficiency achieved by reducing enamel thickness and combining builds with other wraps such as Netting CTC, Twin CTC, and Cordex®.


Essex Furukawa 提供一系列采用不同结构和绝缘材料的纸包电线,适用于变压器和其他电气设备。我们还拥有创新的新材料,可使用芳香聚酰胺纸、聚酰亚胺、聚酯薄膜和云母等优质绝缘材料,提高产品的绕线性和耐用性。

Fits All Power and Traction Transformers Needs
Innovative Enameling Solutions

Can CTC Help You?

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