Essex Furukawa 工厂成为电磁线行业首家获得铜标志的工厂

2024 年 7 月 9 日

FORT WAYNE, IN — Essex Furukawa is proud to announce the successful completion of The Copper Mark Assurance Process and meeting of relevant The Copper Mark standards at three of its North American facilities—Fort Wayne and Franklin, IN plants as well as the Metals Processing Center (pictured above) in Columbia City, IN.

The Copper Mark is a globally recognized standard for responsible copper production making this award a significant achievement for Essex Furukawa’s facilities as it demonstrates the company’s commitment to sustainable practices and responsible sourcing of copper. By meeting the stringent requirements and successfully passing a third-party assessment at three of its facilities, Essex Furukawa reaffirms its dedication to environmental stewardship and social responsibility that was set in place by its Vision 2030 initiative.

Essex Furukawa Fort Wayne is an assured The Copper Mark Site.

Jared Rowntree, President of Essex Furukawa North America, expressed his pride in the achievement, stating, “I share in the excitement across our North American teams, at each of these locations, for achieving The Copper Mark. It is a significant step for our entire organization as well as the industry.”


Austin Robinson, Global Corporate Sustainability Manager at Superior Essex, has worked diligently with the teams, and expressed her satisfaction with the achievement, saying, “Having worked closely with these teams for the better part of the last two years to meet The Copper Mark criteria—and now completing the Assurance Process—is very rewarding for everyone involved.

“Across our global operation, we are working towards a sustainable future through several initiatives and having these three locations achieve The Copper Mark is a tremendous step in that journey.”

The Copper Mark is an internationally recognized assurance framework that promotes responsible copper production and supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It provides a credible and independent verification of a sites’ commitment to responsible practices, including environmental protection, human rights, and community engagement.

“We congratulate Fort Wayne, Franklin and Columbia City, IN plants for their achievement,” said Michèle Brülhart, executive director of the Copper Mark. “The Copper Mark’s vision is to address critical impacts along the full copper value chain. As one of the earliest adopters in the midstream, the three facilities of Essex Furukawa have demonstrated leadership in building transparent and responsible value chains.

Essex Furukawa was the first magnet wire manufacturer to participate and achieve the Assurance Process, starting the process in June of 2022 when it pledged to meet all The Copper Mark Criteria within 24 months; demonstrate conformance with the relevant standards through participation in The Copper Mark Assurance Process as part of the Semis-Fabricator Pilot.

The achievement of The Copper Mark by these Indiana facilities underscores the company’s dedication to ESG as well as responsible business and labor practices. It sets a benchmark for the industry and reinforces Essex Furukawa in its position as a leader in responsible copper production.


Essex Furukawa Franklin, IN is an assured The Copper Mark Site.


关于 Essex Furukawa

Essex Furukawa Magnet Wire LLC 是全球领先的绕组线供应商,大多数主要原始设备制造商、一级供应商以及汽车、能源、工业、商业和住宅领域的行业领导者都使用这种绕组线。这家总部位于亚特兰大的公司是 Essex Magnet Wire 和 Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd. 于 2020 年成立的一家全球合资企业,两家公司都是绕组线产品开发和定制解决方案的领导者。合并后的实体依靠 Essex Magnet Wire 和 Furukawa Electric 的优势,利用超过两个世纪的综合经验和知识来推动创新,同时仍然专注于提供卓越的制造和出色的客户服务。

关于 The Copper Mark

The Copper Mark 是一个保证框架,用于证明铜业负责任的生产做法和行业对联合国可持续发展目标的贡献。The Copper Mark 使用责任矿产倡议 (RMI) 的风险准备评估 (Risk Readiness Assessment),提供了一个全面的系统,可以解决与负责任的铜生产有关的 32 个环境、社会和治理问题。The Copper Mark 最初由国际铜业协会 (ICA) 开发和资助,是一个总部设在英国的独立实体。欲了解更多信息,请访问



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